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Artwork created to be loved

Sweetpeas Acrylic on Wood panel. Original still available.

Jacqueline Redfern West Country Artist

Art is in everything, and everything I craft and show on this website has been created with that knowledge.  All Artwork is available on cards printed in the West Country on sustainable board wrapped in biodegradable plastic. Have a browse in the Gallery and if you’d like to buy anything, just click on the store. Enjoy.

Painting on Wood - Poppies.
What and why I like to paint.

God has put beauty in everything and given me the ability to hold a brush. My favourite subjects to paint are skies and nature, but I love looking around corners and being able to walk into the painting. I have my own technique of starting from the back and working forward. I just like painting, If I think it’s interesting I’ll try and paint it.

Freshwater Isle of Wight

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Mounted A4 prints £35.

My guarantee.- I am happy to replace any items damaged on arrival.